Movies To Watch On St. Patrick’s Day

Have any plans for St. Patrick’s Day? Why not have an Irish movie marathon! There are plenty of great movies out there to watch such as these!


The film Leprechaun was released in 1993 and starred Warwick Davis (Harry Potter) and Jennifer Aniston. This film combines both comedy and horror. The film is about an evil Leprechaun who goes on a killing spree to find and get his pot of gold. No person, even Tory Reding, will stand in his way. So, if you like horror rather than cheesy, romantic comedies, this is the film you should watch! It is available for purchase on Amazon Video.


Once is a beautiful musical romance film everyone should see. It’s about an immigrant Girl and Irish busker who fall in love while writing music together. The story takes place in Dublin. The movie was released in 2007 and stars Glen Hansard (Guy) and Markéta Irglová (Girl). The most well-known song from the film sung by the leads is, “Falling Slowly”.

In 2012, Once was made into a Broadway musical and lasted until January of 2015. The show won a total of 8 Tony Awards including Best Musical. If this doesn’t say it’s a good film, I don’t know what does!

Far and Away

Far and Away is a classic film that takes place in Ireland starring Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman. During the late 1800s, young worker Joseph Donnelly runs aways to Oklahoma with the well-off Shannon Christie. They dream of a life of their own with their own land. However, they find out that the path to getting their dream is harder than they thought. With the obstacles of money, jobs, family, and survival, they still strive to getting their own piece of heaven. This film is a great romantic/drama film to watch on St. Patrick’s Day.


Brooklyn is a recent film that came out in 2015 starring Saoirse Ronan, Emery Cohen, and Domnhall Gleeson. The movie starts off with Eilis an Irish woman, wanting a better life and education studying Accounting. So, leaving her family and friends behind, she travels to Brooklyn (1950s). While in Brooklyn, she falls in love with Italian boy Tony. However, after a family death, she returns to Ireland and is torn between where she grew up and her new home.  

Leap Year

This movie is a wonderful rom-com based on an Irish tradition.The tradition is that if a woman proposed their man on Leap Day, they must accept. So, Anna goes on a journey to Dublin to propose to her boyfriend Jeremy. However in movie fashion, things to go as planned. Local, Declan, agrees to help you reach Dublin in time. This great movie stars Amy Adams as Anna, Matthew Goode as Declan, and Adam Scott as Jeremy.

The Luck of the Irish

This movie is great for all ages! This tv movie aired in 2001 on the Disney Channel. This movie starred a young Ryan Merriman (Pretty Little Liars) as Kyle, Timothy Omundson as Seamus McTiernen, and Henry Gibson as Reilly O’Reilly. This movie is about Kyle who discovers his family are Leprechauns. However, he must find a gold charm the evil Seamus gets it and controls his family. It is not at the “award winning” film level but is a fun film to watch on St. Patrick’s Day.

So on St. Patrick’s Day, get your green on and get be prepared to watch some amazing films! Why not even make a party out of it with themed decorations and food! Hope you have the luck of the Irish!